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Effective: 2/3/2014  
1. At least one member of the party must be at least 25 years of age.

2. All adults must have a valid government issued photo ID.

3. Must have a valid major credit card (not debit card) that matches name on ID.

4. Must have household income prior to taxes of at least $50,000 USD. 

5. Must not be a full-time student.

6. Must tour with spouse/fiancé/significant other/life partner if married/engaged/cohabituating. Singles are permitted to tour: single females will result in regular tour pay, whereas single males will be toured and gifted, but result in zero tour pay.

7. Must have IDs with matching addresses, or checkbook, or lease/mortgage statement with both names on the account to qualify as a co-habituating couple to combine income for reaching total household income.  Newlyweds can use marriage certificate

8. Children 6 years and under must stay in attended children’s room during group portion of the presentation. CHARLESTON SOUTH CAROLINA ONLY: Children 6 years and under are not permitted to travel.

9. Must not have filed for bankruptcy in the 3 previous years and must be currently released from any bankruptcy proceedings.

10. Must not have attended a resort presentation with Festiva within the last 13 months. 

11. All guests must speak and understand English. ORLANDO FLORIDA ONLY: Fluent Spanish also permitted.

12. Group travel is not allowed (Quinella).  A Quinella is defined as multiple related parties (individual/group/friend/ family member) traveling together on the same itinerary. Should this occur, all members must attend presentation together, however only one party will count as a tour and the other(s) will be marked NQ: Quinnella without credit. All touring parties will be issued premiums at the broker’s expense.

13. Must not be a current Festiva owner/member. If destination city does not allow daydrives then guest must not live within 50 miles of presentation location.

14. All members of party must attend 120-minute presentation.

15. MYRTLE BEACH ONLY: Guests must drive their own vehicle during the presentation.

16. Must be residents of United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand or Australia.

17. OPC only: Must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.