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Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto

If you're seeking a place that defines luxury and true relaxation, look no further than Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto. With its quiet beaches, scenic vistas, rich history and astounding natural habitat – and offering every modern amenity and truly exceptional service – Villa del Palmar is the perfect getaway for families, couples, honeymooners, friends and more.

Set within Danzante Bay and the indigo waters of the Sea of Cortez once dubbed “The Aquarium of the World” by Jacques Cousteau, the resort features 4,447 acres of unspoiled beauty. Boasting both stunning ocean and mountain views, three outstanding restaurants, five swimming pools, a 39,000-square-foot luxury spa, beautiful beaches, tennis courts, miles of hiking trails, glass-bottomed kayaks, sport fishing, and a soon-to-open Rees Jones-designed golf course, Villa del Palmar has something for everyone.

Just a two-hour flight from Los Angeles and featuring an abundance of activities for the mind, body and soul, you’ll see that although the Islands of Loreto was the first Spanish settlement on the Baja California Peninsula, it will be the last place you'll ever want to leave.

 Frequently Asked Questions Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto
The Islands of Loreto are known as a place of magic, wonder and unparalleled natural beauty. From its crystal blue waters to the mountains that run behind it, the stories you will tell from here are many.
We at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto invite you to join us. Your Story Starts Here.
Where are the Islands of Loreto? The Islands of Loreto are located on the eastern side of the Baja Peninsula, formally known as Baja California Sur, only a two-hour flight from Los Angeles.
The region boasts 155 miles of coastline, 465 square miles of sea and five islands within a United Nations protected Marine Park also listed as a United Nations Heritage Site which helps maintain the pristine beauty of Loreto. The "Sierra de la La Giganta" mountain range provides the backdrop to Loreto, giving guests unparalleled vistas of both mountains and water found in few other places on earth.

What kinds of activities is Loreto known for? Loreto is well known as a recreational, social and sporting paradise. Regional highlights include: Best sport fishing in all of MexicoScuba diver's paradise warm waters and more than 1,000 marine speciesWater sports kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing, snorkeling, wind surfing and moreWorld-class golf 18 holes alongside the Sea of Cortez - Opening 2015Hiking, mountain biking and Stadium court tennisFive distinctive islands to exploreCollection of ancient cave paintingsEco-tourism a rich bounty of diverse plants and animals on land and in the sea12,500 friendly residents eager to help you discover Loreto

  Where should I visit during my stay in Loreto? There are so many things to do at the Islands of Loreto. A few to consider are: Missions
Mission San Javier is a testament to the "discovery" of the region, as it was built by explorers and Jesuit priests Juan Maria de Salvatierra and Junipero Serra.
Mission of Our Lady of Loreto Concho born in 1697 and exists today as a testament to Loreto's deep-rooted history and spirit. Today, this historic mission also houses a museum where visitors can discover the history of the native people, the acts of the Jesuit missionaries and the colonization of Baja. The church, recently restored with its bell tower rising high above the center of town, is representative of the living history, roots and culture of Loreto.
Puerto Escondido This port is the gateway to the Sea of Cortez. It is by far the largest natural marine port in Mexico, providing a safe haven for a multitude of boats and yachts of all sizes.Island-Hopping
There are five islands of Loreto: Coronado, Danzante, Del Carmen, Montserrat and Santa Catalina. They provide a wide variety of activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, photo safaris, trekking, flora and fauna and majestic scenery. A $25 Pesos permit fee for access to the Natural Reserve marine park is required to visit any of the Islands of Loreto. Isla Coronado
A 30-minute boat ride away, guests will experience a wonderful day of adventure and relaxation in one of the most beautiful islands of Baja California Sur. Coronado is the ideal place for sunbathing on the beach, observing colonies of sea lions and dolphins, snorkeling, and much more.
Isla Danzante A Loreto icon, Danzante Island features an amazing array of native plants, choral groups and a wide variety of marine species. It is the home of lovely beaches and a great place to enjoy diving, hiking or just relaxing in the sun on "honeymoon beach". Isla Del Carmen

Isla Del Carmen is the largest island in the Sea of Cortez and features amazing salt deposits, breathtaking beaches and caves waiting to be explored.
Isla Montserrat Isla Montserrat is the perfect place for wild game viewing and snorkeling and features an abundance of trails for hiking.
Isla Santa Catalina Santa Catalina boasts incredible natural beauty, gorgeous scenic views and a rich diversity of fauna.Cave Paintings
Between Loreto and Bahia de Los Angeles lies the Sierra de San Francisco, home to a large collection of paintings, estimated to be 1,000 to 1,500 years old. Museum of Loreto Missions
The Museum of the Missions of Loreto is open Tuesday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The entry price is $43 Pesos per adult. Here you can learn the history of the Jesuit missions in Baja California Sur through pictures, artifacts and legends displayed throughout the six-room museum.
Activities in San Javier Mission San Javier located 32 km north of the majestic Sierra de La Giganta mountains, and features wonderful activities during the journey including swimming in some of the waterfalls and outbreaks of water, and watching the production of (and eating!) goat cheese and delicious guava paste. Once in San Javier, guests can admire the gothic architecture of the first colonial Jesuit Mission in Baja California Sur, and visit a 300-year-old olive tree that still bears fruit today.
Conception Bay TourFeaturing the most well-known and photographed beaches in the region, visitors will see the beaches of El Requeson, distinguished by a thin strip of land that stretches from the mainland to two small islands; Coyote, with its famed palm tree in the center of the semi-circular beach; as well as El Burro, Santispac and more.
What is there to do in downtown Loreto? Many visitors enjoy the Paseo Salvatierra, a street filled with markets and souvenir shops, where tourists can find several locally-made items from the Baja, clothing, accessories and both casual and more formal restaurants. The street leads to the city's boardwalk and along the way is Loreto Mission, the Mission Museum and the newly renovated town plaza.
What restaurants do you recommend? The most popular restaurants among our guests, besides those at the resort, include: Domingo's Place - Very good seafood and steaksVista al Mar - Fresh seafood, traditional and natural clams au gratinMita's Gourmet - Delicious pastas, salads and steaksLos Mandiles - Traditional Mexican foodMediterraneo - Southwestern U.S. (Tex-Mex) entrees and a variety of seafoodLa Palapa - Delicious seafood
What is the weather like? During the summer months, Loreto's temperatures range from 82F (28C) all the way up to 104F (40C), but generally run in the 90sF (30sC). From April to June, the Coastal climate brings temperatures from 65F (18C) to 82F (28C), and in the winter months, our climate cools to be 53F (12C) to 68F (20C), still quite a bit warmer than many U.S. cities.
What is the currency in Mexico? Mexico uses the Peso. The symbol is the same as that used for the American dollar: $. The exchange rate is very favorable for travelers from the U.S., allowing designer items and handicrafts to be purchased at incredibly reasonable prices. Bargaining at many markets is encouraged and often unexpected deals can be found.
How far is Villa del Palmar from the airport? The resort is a 25-30 minute drive from the Loreto airport. What is the cost of transportation?
Public Taxi Service, Airport to Villa del Palmar: 1 - 3 Persons $84.00 US Public Taxi Service, Airport to Villa del Palmar: 4 or more Persons $28.00 US per person Private Transportation Airport to Villa del Palmar: $88.00 US Up to 5 Persons
Are car rentals available? Yes. The best car to rent if you plan on traveling around town mainly is a compact car. If you plan to explore the mountains and the bay by car then you might consider a SUV. Below you will find contact information for rental companies with offices in Loreto, or you can rent an Alamo car directly from the resort's tour desk. 

Rental ServicePhone Number (from Mexico)Website Alamo 01 613 135 1773/135 1858 www.alamo.com Hertz 01 613 135 0800/01 800 821 1727 Email: gerenciahertzloreto@hotmail.com Europcar 01 800 201 2084/01800 201 11 11 www.europcar.com.mx Fox 01 613 135 1090 www.foxrentacar.mx Is it safe to travel to Mexico? Yes. Mexico is safe and very accommodating to tourists. Rest assured resort towns like Loreto offer the utmost in tranquil, relaxing vacations, weddings and honeymoons.
What documents do U.S. and Canadian citizens need to travel to Mexico? U.S. citizens need to have an original, signed passport that is valid for six months beyond their stay. Canadian citizens also are required to have a valid passport. Canadian citizens without a valid passport will not be allowed entry into Mexico and will be returned to Canada. Canadian permanent residents need to present a Resident Card,
Certificate of Identity or Refugee Travel Document. What are the travel requirements for minors traveling to Mexico? Those under 18 years of age traveling alone or with only one parent or with someone other than the child's parents, must show a notarized letter of permission signed by the parent(s) not traveling. In the case of a single parent traveling with a minor, a certified copy of the divorce decree and court order showing sole custody, certified copy of birth certificate naming one parent, a notarized copy of a death certificate or other legal documents proving custody or guardianship are necessary, as well. Rules & regulations The following rules and regulations have been established by the hotel management to provide a pleasant environment for your stay at Villa del Palmar Loreto.

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